Tuesday, September 27, 2011

football party.

my husband has an annual fantasy football draft at our home.  all of the guys order food and i usually make a dessert or two.  you know, so i look like a good wife and all.  anyways, i decided that this year it'd be fun to do a mini tablescape for them.  my husband seriously has the best friends (i always tell him i'm jealous of him that way).  they deserved some special treats so that's what i did.  this was sooo easy and would make a good super bowl party or even kids' football party.

who says you can't tastefully use crepe paper anymore??  such an easy and fun backdrop.

the field goal posts were easily made out of pvc and spray painted white.  i used boxes for the cupcakes and cake pops which added height to the table and mimicked stadium seating.

cocoa crispies + chocolate marshmallows = football rice crispies

chocolate covered strawberry footballs

brownie footballs (from scratch!)

football cake pops

football cupcakes

Monday, September 5, 2011

white and brown.

i was able to do a fabulous party for my sweet nephew's baptism day.  the idea was to keep everything clean and white with hints of brown for some masculinity.  this might be one of my favorites so far.  i absolutely love how it turned out.

the tablescape:

the all white desserts were my fave.  cake pops:

dipped rice crispies:

dipped marshmallows with my favorite sprinkles:

coconut cream cheese cake:

meringue cookies: 

We also served a light dinner which consisted of salad, a potato bar, and garlic bread.  colorful and delish.

 ginger ale and strawberries.  holy yum.

mason jars with epsom salt, white glitter, and candles:

i made the special boy a book of remembrance for everyone there to sign and share their thoughts: