Monday, February 27, 2012

alice in wonderland.

this party might be my new favorite.  my best friend's little girl was turning 5 and wanted an alice in wonderland party.  it was sooo much fun to do!  i hadn't seen alice in wonderland since i was younger and decided to watch it again prior to this party.  i was so excited because it is such a funky movie and funky definitely equals fun!  so that's about all i have to say so enjoy the pics!

the tablescape:

i hung playing cards and the cheshire cat arrows in the tree behind the table.

i had these sticks and painted them green and made some roses out of crepe paper.  i was obsessed with the funkiness of these "rose bushes"!

crazy tea cups like mad hatter's crazy tea party:

shrinking potion:

cupcakes with pink and purple stripes like the cheshire cat:

mini pieces of strawberry fudge:

"eat me" cookies:

an upside down birthday cake:

little key lime mousse bites:

more tea cups because i love things to be symmetrical:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

blue baby shower.

i did a baby shower for this really cute girl who is expecting a sweet baby boy in april.  this mama-to-be is from a family of sisters.  not so used to boys:) soooo, i thought it'd be good to ease her into the idea of a boy with different shades of blue and some little toy cars, boats, and planes.  to me, nothing says "boy" like blue and cars.  i had a blast preparing for this.  i made the argyle canvases by painting the diamonds on with acrylic paint and using some jute for the diagonal lines.  i love the texture from the jute!  i found the lemon sugar sticks and thought the yellow from those and the coconut cream would add some good contrast.  overall, i loved the whole tablescape.  came out just as i'd hoped!

the tablescape:

coconut cream with coconut wafers:

black forest brownie bites:

cookie brittle dipped in chocolate:

milk chocolate-dipped pretzels:

root beer float push pop cake (root beer flavored cake, root beer flavored frosting, more cake, whipped cream on top):

lemon sticks:

old wooden toys:

old fashioned metal toy car:

white chocolate-dipped pretzels:
more wooden toys:

 sparkling lemonade:

ice water:

more of the tablescape: