Wednesday, May 2, 2012

easter party.

i'm really late posting this party mostly because i have spent the past few weeks grieving over my photo catastrophe from this party.  i had the whole thing set up and all of my pictures came out blank.  it was terrible.  luckily i noticed before the party was over but unluckily i noticed after a lot of the food was gone.  oh shwell.  such is life!  anyways, this easter party was done for my sister-in-law's annual easter egg hunt.  it's pretty much one of my most favorite traditions and i was lucky enough to be in charge of the food this year!  so here's the rest of the party in full tablescape one is included.  LAME!

the dessert set-up.

some of the background for the appetizer table.

the desserts were set up on an adorable vintage dresser.  the shelves on the sides had peeps and vanilla bean custard in egg shells.

my sister-in-law is expecting her fifth baby and wanted to reveal the gender to everyone at the party.  this is the reveal cake which had BLUE frosting in the middle:)

caprese salad bites.  holy shmoly, DELICIOUS!

carrot and celery sticks in ranch dressing.

cream cheese biscuits and hummus-filled cucumber.

arancini (basically a fried ball of rice with mozarella inside) w/ marinara sauce on the side.

grilled pear, blueberry goat cheese and honey bites.

bird's nest cupcakes.

lemon buddies.

 glittery bunny sugar cookies.