Tuesday, November 15, 2011

fairies and bugs.

This party was for my sweet niece who turned 5.  she's such a dainty little girl and she still loves bugs.  it's awesome.  her mom thought of a fairy/bug party to incorporate all the things she loves.  we kept the food simple since kids are picky and it actually turned out great and all the kids ate a ton which is even better.  we had so much fun planning this party together.  

the tablescape.  i should have studied photography a bit before this party since the sun was shining through the backside so the lighting was all off.  but in person it looked amazing.  like it was glowing.  perfect for fairies!  it's also hard to tell via photos that the entire table was covered in glitter.  it was totally sparkly and perfect!

lady bug cupcakes:

flower pops:

tulip sugar cookies:


cheese sandwiches:


peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:

ants on a log:

flower sugar cookies:

i told my husband that I needed him to make me some "fairy houses" for the party and here's what he came up with.  amazing.

the birthday girl's mom made these adorable toadstool seats for the kids to play "musical toadstools"!