Thursday, November 8, 2012

construction site party.

my son turned 4 and really wanted a construction site party.  actually, i may have pushed him towards it a bit so i could use a gray, yellow and chevron scheme.  however, he loved the idea.  win-win.  i had a blast coming up with everything for the party.  the '4' in the middle was made out of a billion roofing nails.  i put my husband up to that project and he did perfect:)  the backdrop was simple with fabric covered canvases.  i stenciled construction site trucks onto the yellow fabric.  i also came up with the idea of using all cement bricks and pavers instead of regular ceramic platters.  the party favors were in little brown lunch sacks with trucks stenciled on.  all in all, i loved the whole feel and my son had a blast with all of his friends which is the most important part!

the tablescape:

my son requested cupcakes.  i added little road signs and "dirt" to them.  i also made cement mixer sugar cookies.

closer up of the cupcakes:

the cement mixer cupcakes on a paver "platter":

my son was the designer of this cake.  seriously.  he told me exactly everything that he wanted on there and how.

rice crispy construction hats:

front loader sugar cookies:

each kid got their own construction hat to decorate and wear:

the birthday boy also requested a special birthday shirt.  here he is in all his birthday glory:

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I need you to move here and do all this over for Parker's 4th! Please and Thank you!