Wednesday, May 25, 2011

apples and pinecones.

my best friend's little girl turned one and so of course there was a party to celebrate!  my friend and i got together to plan what to do for it and we actually both had the EXACT same idea in mind.  it was hilarious.  this party was one of my favorites and totally fit the little birthday girls' personality.  my friend served delicious soup and rolls for dinner so this party was mostly about decorations.  pink and green look so good together!

the table with the treats:

i made these pennant banners to go around.  they added so much color and were so easy.  tutorial coming soon!

i literally got these sticks from a tree in my yard after my husband trimmed it.  I painted them white, stole these butterflies from my daughter's room and voila!  they created the perfect divider while adding a whimsical feel.

we got the bird house at a thrift store, painted it white, spray painted the pinecones pink, added apples and ribbon and had the perfect centerpiece for the treat table.

a special mini banner for the birthday girl.

tables were set up for the guests to eat their dinner and these were the centerpieces set on top of pink tulle


  1. Aubs! Can you move to Texas please so I can watch you work and learn your crafty ways. You are a genius!

  2. I like the mini banner for the birthday girl. Such a cute idea!!

  3. Love the pink and green. You tied them together so well. Great idea painting the pine cones!! Although-I think the white sticks are my fave.

  4. So cute! I remember you telling me about this one. I love those colors together too!

  5. So Cute!! I love the pinecones and apples. It is such an original idea and so adorable!