Thursday, June 2, 2011

simple baby shower.

this was kind of a last minute baby shower but still turned out how i pictured it.  it was very simple yet bright and everyone had a great time.

tissue paper flower tutorial found here.  not hard at all!

the shower had a really modern feel to it.  i love the circles everywhere.

fresh flowers are like sticks--they make everything look better!  these wax flowers are my favorite.

i'm telling you, for your next party these homemade lollipops are the way to go!

i love miniature anything...

and this popcorn is to die for!  not only is it delish but so colorful as well.


  1. Aubri, you are so cute and your stuff is so cute!
    -Liz Carbine

  2. Love this shower! The colors are so fun. The circles everywhere are perfect.

  3. Hi Aubri,

    I am friends with Seretta and love all your ideas on here. Do you have any ideas for a bridal shower? I am throwing Bailey, also Seretta's friend, her bridal shower in April and could really use some help on some ideas.

    THanks in advance,