Thursday, January 19, 2012

hot cocoa & s'mores

my husband is sooo not one for surprises.  wait, he's not one for a party dedicated to him let alone being surprised by it.  buuuuut with him turning the big 3-0, i couldn't resist!  but i was also incredibly nervous because as i said before, he hates surprises.  so, the pictures of this shindig...not that fab.  i'm pretty sure i was shaking as i took them (before he arrived) and i didn't even take pictures of most things.  but the party turned out fab.  the hubs was surprised...maybe a leeetle bit annoyed with me and then forgiving because his awesome friends made up for it:)

i had the party outside so we could roast marshmallows over fire pits for s'mores and had six different flavors of hot cocoa there.  we had suisse chocolate, raspberry, hazelnut, white chocolate, caramel, and peppermint. i also went with the color scheme of his fave team.  


  1. Cutest idea ever...sweetest wife ever! I seriously don't know how yourbrain comes up with such cute ideas. Sooooo sorry we missed it. It makes me sad to see what we missed out on.

  2. This was so much fun! The hot chocolate idea is so smart for the winter... Beautiful job-as always!

  3. Aw love it! You're such a good wife!!

  4. Check out my blog-I just gave you an award! Check it out and pass it on :)