Sunday, January 8, 2012

woodland themed birthday.

this weekend was my sweet little miss' 1st birthday party!  it was so much fun.  i had actually planned (before she was born) that her birthday would be hot pink and zebra themed.  i had actually bought a ton of stuff for that theme even.  then she was born and this little girl was just way too sweet for zebras i thought.  my sister and i decided that owls fit her much better:)  i have absolutely loved owls even before everyone else did so that became her bedroom theme and her party theme!  i loved it.  the color scheme fit her little personality so much better as well!  so here we go for the woodland themed birthday party...

the tablescape:

cupcakes with chocolate tree toppers.  oh and with tons of glitter, too! :

orange flavored marshmallows dipped in milk chocolate:

homemade coconut truffles:

chocolate and vanilla macarons:

homemade peanut butter truffles:

 acorn treats:

pink ruffle smash cake for the little miss.  this too was covered in a ton of was AWESOME!

owl canisters filled with salt water taffy:

the little miss' highchair and party hat that i made:

introductory table:

guest book:

one picture for each month of her little life so far:

the little miss in her owl shirt that i also made!  i LOVE how it turned out and am so proud as i have never sewn anything like it!

in her party hat enjoying her pinkalicious cake:


  1. This was by far, my favorite party!! The colors, the food, the hat, the t-shirt, the cake, everything was so perfect for the theme. The intro table was just amazing as well. Little miss looked adorable in her hat and t-shirt!! So creative!! Love, loved it!!

  2. Oh my heck that was adorable! I'm so sorry we weren't there for her special day. It looks like it was a perfect party for a perfect little sweetheart! Love her!;)