Thursday, June 9, 2011

felt shape t-shirt tutorial.

i saw a shirt like this on etsy and knew my son had to have one for his birthday.  it was $20.  that's insanely overpriced!  i knew i could make it for WAY about making it for $5.20?  yes!  i found the gray t-shirt at H&M for $5, had the felt already, and bought the crochet thread at JoAnn Fabrics for $0.20.  then i made up the rest.  oh and you better believe that his sister will have a matching onesie that will involve pink and rhinestones...just sayin'.

i free-handed the stencil which is why it didn't come out perfect but I actually like that it didn' the shirt some "personality" :)

and check out i heart naptime where i linked this tutorial!


  1. LOVE the shirt, and where is there a H&M in Vegas, seriously i need to know

  2. He is going to love wearing this for his party! So creative...