Sunday, June 19, 2011

retro car party.

this party was all about cars.  instead of going with the cliche' race car theme, i decided to go with a retro car theme.  i loved the colors and feel of the "retro" party.  so let's get to it!

road signs led the guests to the backyard destination:

the dessert table was made up of layers of tires and glass.  i loved the levels.  so here is the tablescape:

the birthday boy's cake...and the result of my first time using fondant:

i found these awesome cardboard cutout boxes to hold all of the treats:

we had "stoplight cookies", car shaped marshmallows and chocolate dipped pretzels in the shape of cars:

the "fuel":

i was a terrible blogger and didn't get the food table post-hot dog grilling...

i thought having a chalkboard menu would add to the retro 50's feel to the party:

the party favors were car pez dispensers:

and the birthday boy in all his glory with his special t-shirt getting ready to blow out his candles:


  1. You were so nervous about the cake and it turned out fantastic! I wish we could've been there!

  2. Aubri Mae! Seriously, you are amazing! What a lucky little boy.

  3. Aubri this turned out SO CUTE! I love it! Great job!!

  4. SERIOUSLY!! What a darling party and theme for your handsome little guy! You really do such awesome parties.. :) Great job!!!